What if I did the opposite?

NO Ads, ever

I don’t like ads. I don’t think ads are a big enough source of revenue to waste your time or trick you into clicking. 

NO Mailing List

We get plenty of e-mails. Many argue that e-mail lists are THE way to grow businesses, but I choose to offer high-quality content regardless of whether you sign up on my mailing list. 

NO Affiliate Links

While I do believe in certain organizations and certain products, I will never make money from you clicking on a link on my website. Again, just not worth it. 

NO Freemium Content

I hate freemium. Here’s something that’s pretty good, but if you want something better, you have to pay for it. Not here! Everything that’s free is free, and everything that costs money, costs money. 

NO Testimonials

Would you trust a testimonial of someone you don’t know? I wouldn’t, so I don’t expect you to either. I believe that testimonials CAN work, but in general, just like most reviews, they are inherently worthless. 

A different approach to marketing

I market to you how I want someone to market to me. You get great, free blog and podcast content and have to pay for coaching and courses. No ads, links, freemium, testimonials, or any other shady business. Enjoy reading my story, below. 



I grew up on a small farm in Bloomingville, OH to Duane Sr. and Diane Rohrbacher. Duane Sr. passed away when I was just 10. We were lower class. My mother raised me and three others. I learned a lot from age 10-16. After earning my first job at the ripe age of 14 at McDonald’s, I can’t stop working. I learned about the value of money, relationships, and effort early on. By reframing the loss of my father and my circumstances as an opportunity to prove others wrong, I continuously grow and improve.

Loss can set you on either a positive or negative trajectory – I chose positive.

Education 2000px-2013_ohio_state_buckeyes_logo-svg6g3sx3a2zxgt5z2vb10g

I completed Perkins High School and enrolled at The Ohio State University. At Ohio State, I had no direction, switching majors six times before settling on Linguistics. I completed enough credits to graduate in three years. I decided to forgo graduation and forgo enrolling in a Master’s program in Higher Education Administration to come back for a fourth year and complete a German degree. After a lot of career exploration, early in my fourth year, I decided to pursue law school. I reframed how I dealt with early missteps by taking advantage of resources available to me and being intentional about choosing the right path.

I completed the LSAT, and I chose to stay close to home and in the Big Ten, enrolling at Penn State the following Fall. At Penn State Law, I pursued ADR heavily, receiving hours of training on formal mediation techniques. After falling in love resolving conflicts (and more exploration), I found that a career in higher education administration would be fulfilling. I reframed what I thought about the law and being a lawyer to choose a profession that is more suited for my personality, strengths, and values.

I enrolled jointly in Penn State’s PhD program in Higher Education Administration. In the PhD program, I maintained interest where law intersects higher education, and in formal dispute resolution. This interest led to my dissertation. Upon completing my dissertation, I moved across the country to California to become an Assistant Dean at Cal Poly, SLO. Three years and two moves later, I am in Orange County helping as many people as I can.


Presently, I go to the beach a few days a week, practice mindfulness through meditation, and do body-weight exercises. In the past, I enjoyed gardening, yoga, dog training, long-distance cycling and bike commuting, and recreational basketball, soccer and softball. I always explore new, fun adventures!

Know Thyself

I’ve taken a variety of self-assessments to figure out my personality, strengths, and values. I urge you to do the same.






Social Intelligence