Episode 001 – The Fallacy of Reviews

1 thought on “Episode 001 – The Fallacy of Reviews”

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on this topic as I am critical with review my use of reviews. One thing to note is that when writing or reading reviews, it is incredibly important to also home in on what the product is. Is it entry level, is it high end, is it luxury, is it cheap, is it expensive? How do we compare a product to other similar products if they are trying to fulfill different requirements. There is a weight that has to go into the decision making process with the meta information about each product in mind. A cheap product might outperform your expectations and deserve a high rating because it’s a good value purchase. On the other side of the scale, a high end and expensive product might be flashy and out perform the lower quality product, but may underperform it’s price point for whqtever rewson ane should eaen an average rating. As you pointed out, reading reviews is paramount. Don’t be lazy (too busy) by not return a product that doesn’t fulfill your expectations. Spend your hard earned dollars on products worth buying.

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